Dryer Fire Statistics

It's A Growing Problem:

Very few people realize the danger of clothes dryer fires. However, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are an estimated annual 15,500 fires, 10 deaths and 10 injuries due to clothes dryer fires. Several hundred people a year are also subjected to carbon monoxide poisoning from improper dryer vent setups. The financial costs come to nearly $100,000,000 per year. In some cases faulty appliances are to blame, but many fires can be prevented with proper dryer venting.

  • Only You Can Prevent Dryer Fires

  • Proper Installation & Choice of Building Materials

  • Keep the Dryer Duct in Good Condition

  • Keep Your Dryer as Lint-Free as Possible

  • Schedule routine annual cleanings

  • Never dry clothes when you are not home or sleeping

How Clothes Dryer Fires Occurs

Lint accumulation and reduced airflow feed on each other to provide conditions ripe for a fire. Lint is a highly combustible material, which, interestingly enough, is one of the ingredients in a recipe for home-made fire starters. A number of dryer vent problems contribute to this.

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